Tuesday, July 07, 2020

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About Us

What’s this site about?

Credit Health believes in giving you the whole truth, so here it is: "Excessive debt destroys wealth!"

This is a fact that people who offer you credit will never tell you. At Credit Health, however, our mission is to help empower ordinary people and give them the full picture about credit so they can use it wisely, and build wealth. We help make this easy, pleasant, and liberating!

We offer free, expert advice and guidance from our team of experienced credit and legal experts who’re on YOUR side. We do not sell credit cards or loans! We never represent companies, only individuals. Our income comes from fees to help you settle old debts (and typically we can save you up to 40% of what’s being demanded) (Debt Negotiation Service) and providing you with your Credit Information from the bureaus (Credit Health Report).

If you would like to contact us, please call us on 0861 200 201.

We recommend that you start your enjoyable and rewarding journey with us by ordering the Credit Health Report. To do so, click here.


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