Saturday, January 16, 2021

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Credit Health

Your physical health and your credit’s health are the same - they both need the right specialist examination to prescribe the perfect treatment. And the earlier you get this specialist advice the quicker you recover and the more you avoid getting worse!

And even if you’re completely credit healthy, a routine examination makes sure you stay that way!

So think of us as your debt doctors - Examining the state of your credit’s health; and helping you regain and improve your CREDIT HEALTH completely!


  • you'll know your credit rating,
  • be shown ways to improve it,
  • have a shield between you and creditors,
  • be protected as a consumer
  • receive unparalleled access to insight and strategies for rapid debt reduction and credit management.

Because at CREDIT HEALTH we

  • do a detailed diagnosis - Generating your individualised Credit Health Report,
  • compile the correct prescription - Draft you a personalised Credit Action Plan,
  • promote and monitor your recovery and credit health constantly - Making ongoing recommendations where needed,
  • offer a specialised service called the Debt Negotiation Service

And as your credit’s personal physician, our loyalty is only to you!
Your details remain completely confidential!

You don’t even need to come in for your examination. It all happens online! - QUICKLY!

And it all starts with us accurately diagnosing the exact state of your credit health. We’ll send you your specific diagnosis in an easy-to-read Credit Health Report - Based on information from ALL THREE of the country’s MAJOR CREDIT BUREAUS.

From that we can then build a powerful personalised Action Plan to improve your credit rating, save you money and take the debt burden off your back!
- We make even a relatively healthy credit rating far better!

Like tried and tested medical practices for your body, our Credit Health procedures work wonderfully on your finances.

More than anything, now you know you’re not alone. We’re here as your debt doctors! And knowledge is power! So know the state of your Credit Health, and we’ll take it to a new state of health, together!



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